Joycelyn Ovalle

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In this paper the first exact interior solution to Einstein’s field equations for a static and non-uniform braneworld star with local and non-local bulk terms is presented. It is shown that the bulk Weyl scalar U(r) is always negative inside the stellar distribution, in consequence it reduces both the effective density and the effective pressure. It is(More)
In the context of the Randall-Sundrum braneworld, an exhaustive and detailed description of the approach based in the minimal anisotropic consequence onto the brane, which has been successfully used to generate exact interior solutions to Einstein’s field equations for static and non-uniform braneworld stars with local and non-local bulk terms, is carefully(More)
The physical hamiltonian of the double compactified D = 11 supermembrane dual with non trivial wrapping is explicitly obtained. It contains cubic and quartic interacting terms. It exactly agrees with the hamiltonian formulation of non-commutative super-Maxwell theory on the world volume, minimally coupled to seven scalars fields corresponding to the(More)
We study the evolution of radiating and viscous fluid spheres assuming an additional homothetic symmetry on the spherically simmetric space–time. We match a very simple solution to the symmetry equations with the exterior one (Vaidya). We then obtain a system of two ordinary differential equations which rule the dynamics, and find a self–similar collapse(More)
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