Joycelyn Andoh

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The blood-brain barrier protects brain tissue from potentially harmful plasma components. Small vessel disease (SVD; also termed arteriolosclerosis) is common in the brains of older people and is associated with lacunar infarcts, leukoaraiosis, and vascular dementia. To determine whether plasma extravasation is associated with SVD, we immunolabeled the(More)
In an autopsy study of HIV-infected children in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, the neuropathology of 76 HIV-1- and 2 HIV-2-positive children was compared with that of 77 frequency-matched HIV-negative children, in whom the systemic pathology was also known. Seventy of the 78 HIV-seropositive children were confirmed as HIV-infected, as determined by combined(More)
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