Joyce de Goede

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BACKGROUND In the Netherlands municipalities are legally required to draw up a Local Health Policy Memorandum every four years. This policy memorandum should be based on (local) epidemiological research as performed by the Regional Health Services. However, it is largely unknown if and in what way epidemiological research is used during local policy(More)
BACKGROUND In the Netherlands, local authorities are required by law to develop local health memoranda, based on epidemiological analyses. The purpose of this study was to assess the actual use of these epidemiological reports by municipal health officials and associated factors that affect this use. METHOD Based on a conceptual framework, we designed a(More)
A computer simulation model is presented of the gastric phase regulation of gastric acid secretion in humans. The model is based on experimental data from the literature and includes terms representing gastric pH and gastric volume-dependent gastrin secretion, gastrin-dependent acid secretion, food storage in the stomach, and gastric emptying. We have(More)
The use of epidemiological research in local health policy development is claimed to be problematic. In three in-depth case studies in Dutch municipalities, we examined the interface between local epidemiological research and local health policy development, and the use of epidemiological reports, published as Local Health Messages (LHMs). The qualitative(More)
The effect of several structurally related 1,4-benzoquinones (BQ) and 1,4-naphthoquinones (NQ) on the activity of rat hepatic glutathione S-transferases (GST) was studied. For the 1,4-benzoquinones, the extent of inhibition increased with an increasing number of halogen substituents. Neither the type of halogen nor the position of chlorine-atoms was of(More)
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