Joyce Wilson

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Although it has been recognized for many years that symptoms and signs indicating disordered function of the voluntary musculature may be prominent in patients with myxoedema, the muscular manifestations of hypothyroidism have received comparatively little attention in the British literature. Recent reviews have, however, been given by Thomasen (1948),(More)
The rate of gastric emptying in women during labour was estimated indirectly from the kinetics of absorption of orally administered paracetamol (acetaminophen). Gastric emptying was normal in patients who had not received a narcotic analgesic but was markedly delayed in women given pethidine, diamorphine, or pentazocine. The inhibitory effect of diamorphine(More)
Various concentrations of lignocaine, etidocaine and bupivacaine in 10-ml doses of plain solutions were studied in a double-blind manner as agents for extradural analgesia to relieve the pain of labour. In 67 patients in established labour the onset time and duration of analgesia were assessed by the abolition and recurrence of the pain of uterine(More)
Thirty patients took part in a double-blind trial to compare morphine 10 mg i.m. with morphine 5 mg into the extradural space for pain relief following Caesarean section. With the extradural route the mean time to first analgesia was 7.95 h compared with 4.75 h for the i.m. route. The mean number of further doses of diamorphine 7.5 mg required for pain(More)
In an 18-month period seven children who were treated for a variety of neurological and non-neurological diseases, and in whom the corticosteroid or corticotrophin dosage was reduced, developed a syndrome indistinguishable from "benign intracranial hypertension." The total duration and rate of reduction of corticosteroid dosage and perhaps an underlying(More)
The effect of intramuscular pethidine or diamorphine on gastric emptying and the absorption of orally administered paracetamol was assessed in eight normal subjects. 2 Both drugs produced a significant and striking delay in gastric emptying and absorption of paracetamol. 3 It seems inevitable that pethidine and diamorphine will retard the absorption of(More)