Joyce Slater

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Measures of body sway, psychomotor performance and subjective reports of intoxication were obtained from 20 women after consuming either ethanol (0.56 g/kg) or placebo. Simple motor tasks were unaffected by the relatively low ethanol dose. Performance on the Digit Symbol Substitution Test (DSST) was affected only during the ascending portion of the blood(More)
It has been hypothesized that the emotionality of the female rat is reduced at estrus. In confirmation of previous research, it was found that administration of estradiol benzoate (EB;20 mug/kg) to female rats of the Maudsley Reactive (MR) strain increased open-field activity and decreased open-field defecation. In addition, ovariectomy increased open-field(More)
The wide spectrum of vitamin D activity has focused attention on its potential role in the elevated burden of disease in a northern Canadian First Nations (Dené) cohort. Vitamin D insufficiency, and gene polymorphisms in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and vitamin D binding protein (VDBP) have been implicated in susceptibility to infectious and chronic(More)
Rats of the Maudsley nonreactive (MNRA) strain were found to contain higher levels of norepinephrine in heart, spleen, and hypothalamus than animals of the Maudsley reactive (MR) strain. Total adrenal catecholamines were also greater in nonreactive animals. There was a trend toward higher endogenous norepinephrine concentration in MR rats in brainstem and(More)
BACKGROUND Increased awareness of the wide spectrum of activity of vitamin D has focused interest on its role in the health of Canada's Aboriginal peoples, who bear a high burden of both infectious and chronic disease. Cutaneous vitamin D synthesis is limited at northern latitudes, and the transition from nutrient-dense traditional to nutrient-poor market(More)
BACKGROUND Canadian First Nation populations have experienced endemic and epidemic tuberculosis (TB) for decades. Vitamin D-mediated induction of the host defence peptide LL-37 is known to enhance control of pathogens such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. OBJECTIVE Evaluate associations between serum levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25(OH)D) and LL-37, in(More)
Family history of alcoholism influences the acute effects of ethanol in young men. We expanded these findings by concomitantly measuring plasma ethanol levels (BALs), subjective intoxication effects, and task performance in young women. Healthy subjects with no familial alcoholism provided informed consent and received 0.75 ml/kg ethanol or isocaloric(More)
Rat strains selectively bred for behavioral differences in susceptibility to mild stress exhibited differences in serum prolactin (Prl) and hypothalamic dopamine (DA). Male rats from the Maudsley Reactive (MR) strain had higher levels of serum Prl and hypothalamic DA than rats from the Maudsley Non-Reactive (MNRA) strain. MR rats also showed a greater(More)
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