Joyce Palmer

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BACKGROUND It has been suggested that transfusion information from scientific sources (vs. popular sources) is seen as more trustworthy and that interventions should consider using scientific styles. Before such suggestions can be implemented, it is necessary to know if this science source-trust link is observed across different sociodemographic groups and(More)
The results of two recently completed studies, one in the Trent Region and the other in the Anglia and Oxford Region, of the information-related behaviour of general medical practitioners (GPs) and of information activities within the general practices illustrating the information seeking behaviour of GPs, their generation of information, and communication(More)
Henry Druschel, '47, General Lois Hutchinson, '47, and Mary Chairman of the Campus Chest Cheatham, '49, delegates from InDrive, has reported that the drive tergroup Council to the Annual is progressing satisfactorily. ConNew York State Citizenship Contributions are steadily being recelvference at Saratoga Springs, reed and the goal of one dollar per turned(More)
In 1977, the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program began testing laboratories that examine samples for gastrointestinal parasites and operated with little change in the subsequent 17 years. Four surveys, each containing four samples, are distributed each year to every currently licensed medical laboratory in Ontario. Participation is mandatory. Survey(More)
A questionnaire survey was conducted by the Library Association Health Libraries Group in October-December 1996. Information practitioners in the health care sector were asked what they considered were the education and research needs of the profession, their opinion of Library and Information Sciences education, and their views on practitioner input to(More)
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