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Many gait studies include subjects walking well below or above typical self-selected comfortable (free) speed. For this reason, a descriptive study examining the effect of walking speed on gait was conducted. The purpose of the study was to create a single-source, readily accessible repository of comprehensive gait data for a large group of children walking(More)
This study retrospectively evaluated the safety and efficacy of selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) in participants who underwent a rigorous selection process, uniform surgical procedure, and a standardized postoperative rehabilitation process. Outcome measures assessed were the Ashworth scale for spasticity, the Gillette Gait Index (GGI) for overall gait(More)
Using the Darboux method and its relation with supersymmetric quantum mechanics we construct all SUSY partners of the harmonic oscillator. With the help of the SUSY transformation we introduce ladder operators for these partner Hamiltonians and shown that they close a quadratic algebra. The associated coherent states are constructed and discussed in some(More)
An index to measure the change in hip flexor function after hip surgery was developed in the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare (GCSH). The hip flexor index (HFI) utilizes principal component analysis applied to five kinematic and kinetic variables collected during normal acquisition of gait data. A single index number is(More)
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