Joyce O'Halloran

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The hydrochemistry of 26 small blanket bog lakes was examined to assess the impact of conifer plantation forestry on lake water chemistry. Lakes were selected from three distinct catchment land use categories: i) unplanted blanket bog only present in the catchment, ii) mature (closed-canopy) conifer plantation forests only present in the catchment and iii)(More)
In this paper we study limits of generalized state space systems under high gain feedback modulo system equivalence. Diierent group actions on the space of system pencils are considered and related to the action of pencil equivalence. A recent result on the orbit closure problem for pencils is applied to obtain necessary conditions for a system to be a(More)
In this paper, we study the high gain feedback classiication problem for generalized state space systems. We solve this problem for proportional and derivative feedback transformations of regularizable systems, i.e. we give necessary and suucient conditions for a regularizable system to be a limit of a given system under high gain proportional and(More)
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