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This study investigated the cognitive and linguistic factors presumed to be associated with adult comprehension of figurative language, including age, working memory (WM), figurative language type, and reading comprehension (RC). Forty younger (M = 22 years) and 40 older (M = 63 years) healthy African American adults completed WM and reading tasks, and the(More)
In order to test the language experience hypothesis, the comprehension of high-, moderate-, and low-familiarity idioms was examined in African American (N=24) and European American (N= 24) fifth-grade students in the Mid-South. This study was designed to augment the existing literature on cross-cultural idiom comprehension, of which there is a paucity of(More)
Dedication This report is dedicated to my always encouraging and supportive family and friends. To Dad for always reminding me to wipe my tears and keep working hard-your positive attitude keeps me going! To Mom for allowing me to cry when Dad wouldn't and reminding us all " Life is Good. " To my sister, Jennifer, for having faith in me and reminding me(More)
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