Joyce L. Epstein

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If family involvement is important for student success, as decades of studies indicate, then we must address a harder, but more difficult question: How can more families – indeed, all families – become involved in their children's education in ways that contribute to student success? Studies for over twenty-five years have set a firm base on which to build(More)
This literature review is being funded through a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation under Grant Number 2013-30. Dissemination of MDRC publications is supported by the following funders that help finance MDRC's public policy outreach and expanding efforts to communicate the results and implications of our work to policymakers, practitioners, and(More)
Levels of hardcore drug use have been especially difficult to estimate because of the relative rarity of the behavior, the difficulty of locating hardcore drug users, and the tendency to underreport stigmatized behavior. This chapter presents a new application of ratio estimation, combining sample data from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse(More)
Researchers associated with National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) conducted studies over the past five years that add information on how to improve partnership program development and how family and community involvement contribute to student achievement and other indicators of success in school. Many of the studies are based on annual UPDATE(More)
TYPE 1 PARENTING Help all families establish home environments to support children as students. Sample Practices x Suggestions for home conditions that support learning at each grade level. x Workshops, videotapes, computerized phone messages on parenting and child rearing at each age and grade level. x Parent education and other courses or training for(More)
Homework is a debated issue in society and its relationship with academic achievement has been deeply studied in the last years. Nowadays, schools are multicultural stages in which students from different cultures and ethnicities work together. In this sense, the present study aims to compare homework involvement and academic achievement in a sample of(More)
Today we're considering specific elements of a system of family-student-school-community relationships, including: • Parent-child and parent-student-school relationships o Why parents become involved o How their involvement influences student outcomes o How teachers and schools can be supported in encouraging involvement • Broader issues in parental(More)