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—Web Services are the most famous implementation of service oriented architectures that has brought some challenging research issues. One of these is the composition, i.e. the capability to recursively construct a composite Web service as a workflow of other existing Web services, which are developed by different organizations and offer diverse(More)
With the increasing number of services, the need to locate relevant services remains essential. To satisfy the query of a service re-quester, available service providers has first to be discovered. This task has been heavily investigated from both industrial and academic perspectives based essentially on registers. However, they completely ignore the(More)
In this work we address the issue of selecting and composing Web Services (WSs) considering functional requirements and transactional properties. We formalize the WS composition problem using the user query, the transactional properties of WSs and the composite WSs definition. We extends Colored Petri Net (CPN) formalism to incorporate transactional WSs(More)
Web Service (WS) composition consists in combining several WSs into a Composite WS (CWS), which becomes a value-added process. In order to provide reliable and fault-tolerant CWSs, several transactional-aware composition approaches have been proposed. However, as far as we know, no real classification survey of such approaches exists. This is the(More)
Web service composition is the capability to recursively construct a value added service by means of picking up existing services. An important step in the composition process is the selection step, which includes choosing services located in repositories. The selection approaches of Web services need to consider their specifics which raises important(More)
Service discovery has been adopted in distributed environments and recently in social networks. Existing approaches for service discovery are often based on matching techniques, which only capture common quality of service (QoS) criteria while ignoring the contribution of the social aspect. The discovery problem increases when the number of available(More)