Joyce D'Amato

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Arginine is an essential amino acid in Aves and is also an important substrate for the immune system. Dietary Arg in avian diets must be sufficient to not only support growth but also immunity. To better understand Arg needs for immunity, 2 experiments examined markers of Arg use by the immune system in growing broiler chicks. Broiler hatchlings were fed(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate individuals at high risk for tuberculosis exposure who had a history of a positive tuberculin skin test (TST) result in order to determine the prevalence of unsuspected negative TST results. To confirm these findings with the QuantiFERON-TB test (QFT), an in vitro whole-blood assay that measures tuberculin-induced secretion of(More)
Two centres A and B connected by one or more sets of bridging states (pathways) define a graph in the space of states. The Hamiltonian is decimated in this space and the problem is reduced to that of two sites with corrected energies E , and E , and an effective interaction VAB. The goal of the method is to make evident how the pathways should be modified(More)
Fat vacuoles develop in the granular pneumocytes of guinea pigs exposed to severe hypoxia in low-pressure chambers. The ostiniophilic lamellar bodies are apparently reduced in size and decreased in number. The fatty change of the granular pneumocyte may represent a metabolic alteration and interfere with the production of surfactant. This hypoxic lesion of(More)
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