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Global environmental temperature changes threaten innumerable plant species. Although various signaling networks regulate plant responses to temperature fluctuations, the mechanisms unifying these diverse processes are largely unknown. Here, we demonstrate that an Arabidopsis monothiol glutaredoxin, AtGRXS17 (At4g04950), plays a critical role in redox(More)
Bioactive glasses release ions, those enhance osteoblast collagen matrix synthesis and osteogenic marker expression during bone healing. Collagen matrix density and osteogenic marker expression depend on osteogenic transcription factors, (e.g., Osterix (OSX)). We hypothesize that enhanced expression and formation of collagen by Si(4+) depends on enhanced(More)
Microsatellite (short tandem repeat) markers are useful tools for genetic linkage analysis because of their high frequency of occurrence in eukaryotic genomes, ease of typing, and high polymorphism content. To establish a panel of microsatellite markers useful for genome-wide screens in the Chinese population, we determined the heterozygosities and allelic(More)
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