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This paper reports the results of a 3-week drinking experiment in 51 healthy male subjects, examining the value of %CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin) in the context of different levels of alcohol intake. All healthy persons were urine-tested drug-free and underwent daily breath alcohol tests for the 7 days preceding, and during the whole 3 weeks of,(More)
We investigated %CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin) in 92 ethanol-intoxicated alcohol-dependent patients after consecutive admission to hospital and followed the for 28 days under controlled conditions. At admission, 63% (58 patients) showed elevated CDT (> 2.5%) and 34 patients (37%) had normal CDT levels (< 2.5%). No correlation of the %CDT values(More)
An electroencephalographic (EEG) and behavioral model of head injury in unanesthetized, free moving mice has been used to test the effects of TRH and GM1. In our experimental conditions a mechanical head injury capable of inducing loss of righting reflex for 2 to 60 sec, also induces a consistent decrease of the total power of the spectrum of EEG and a(More)
In about 2/3 of the cases studied (152 patients), the combination of deprenyl and the substitution-therapy has a favourable effect as it tends to normalize motor activity. Although the administering of deprenyl renders neither L-Dopa nor the decarboxylase inhibitor superfluous, their side effects can be slightly reduced as their dose is reduced. Therefore(More)
Importance The data reported herein were accepted for assessment by the US Food and Drug Administration for Biologics License Application under priority review to establish the clinical benefit of durvalumab as second-line therapy for locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma (UC), resulting in its recent US approval. Objective To report a(More)
Based on experiences over half a year authors found that the introduction of safety belts, beside obvious advantages, resulted in new types of injuries. They describe own experiences and draw attention to heart contusions joining thoracic fractures, and to possible thoraco-abdominal organ injuries with characteristic symptom free or delayed appearance,(More)