Joyce A. Verran

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The purpose of this study was to develop and test the Verran and Snyder-Halpern (VSH) Sleep Scale, an instrument to subjectively measure sleep characteristics. Four major sleep factors and their associated characteristics were proposed for the Sleep Scale. Subjects completed three randomly ordered sleep questionnaires on three consecutive weekday mornings(More)
PURPOSE To better understand the environmental constraints on nurse managers that impact their need for and use of decision support tools, we conducted a Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA). A complete CWA includes system analyses at five levels: work domain, decision-making procedures, decision-making strategies, social organization/collaboration, and worker(More)
How do nurse managers make decisions about quality issues on their units? We asked 10 nurse managers in 3 Arizona hospitals to describe how they resolved a recent quality issue. The managers tended to use a linear, but cognitively expensive strategy, often jumping from problem to solution without a clear goal and selecting solutions biased toward remedial(More)
Communication problems have been implicated in many safety and quality issues, but tools to examine communication networks and their impact on patient outcomes are only beginning to become available. We used *ORA, an organizational risk analyzer that allows the dynamic analysis of organizational networks to explore the communication networks among staff on(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the construct validity, generalizability, and interrater reliability of an instrument designed to measure the complexity of nursing care in the ambulatory care setting. The conceptual framework for the development of the classification instrument was adapted from a theory of organizations and is based upon knowledge(More)
Criteria for the examination of data collected at the individual level and aggregated to the group are proposed. These four empirical criteria relate to content validity, representativeness, reliability, and validity of the aggregated scores as indicators of group phenomena. An example of the use of the criteria is provided using data from a large research(More)