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Paper as a medium persists as the de facto standard for information collection, storage, and transfer in many low-resource developing contexts. Of these contexts, the microfinance industry continues to be fascinating in the ongoing ICTD conversation due, in part, to its elimination of paper by digitizing money transfers using mobile banking. This success(More)
This study reports the results of an investigation of knowledge and public awareness of stuttering among laypersons in Shanghai, China. A total number of 1968 respondents answered a questionnaire including questions about prevalence, onset, gender distribution and occurrence in different cultures, cause, treatment, intelligence and heredity of stuttering.(More)
The partograph is a paper-based tool that helps healthcare providers monitor births to identify and prevent obstructed labour. It is especially pertinent for nurses in remote healthcare centers conducting deliveries on amidst a lack of staff and resources. While the low-cost nature of the partograph creates a potential for impact in these settings, it is(More)
Despite the recent push toward using information and communication technologies (ICTs) to replace paper-based workflows, there remain many barriers to designing appropriate and deployable ICT solutions that replace paper. As a result, paper tools such as forms, charts, and graphs continue to be widely used, especially in developing regions. While paper is(More)
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