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The presence of harmonics in power systems and their problems and impact on quality of electricity supply is increasing due to the increase in society's use of the nonlinear loads that generate them, especially the electronic kind. Classic techniques such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Capability Analysis (PCA) that form the Statistical(More)
This contribution gives account of one of the results achieved by the group MAPA (Models and Algorithms for the digital documentation of Architectural Heritage) that integrates the IMAP3D group and the DAVAP group. The group work is based on the assumption that preservation of cultural heritage is a responsibility for the whole cartographic community and(More)
In this paper an integrated approach for modeling complex archaeological sites is developed. Particularly, we describe a 3D modeling pipeline which integrates laser scanning and low-cost Photogrammetry over an emblematic Jewish tanneries situated in Avila (Spain). Due to its inherent complexity and the relevance of the archaeological site, Jewish tanneries(More)
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