Joy Kreeft Peyton

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Research in computer-supported writing has traditionally compared electronic communication with oral, face-to-face communication to identify the benefits and weaknesses of each, as if they entailed dichotomous choices. In this article, we challenge that view and argue instead that any form of communication and its educational usefulness is shaped by the(More)
The increasing number of students who enter U.S. schools from homes where languages other than English are spoken, and the recognition that proficiency in non-English languages is a valuable national resource, have generated interest in the field of heritage language instruction. A heritage language student is "a language student who is raised in a home(More)
Both professional educational organizations and federal and state legislative bodies view professional development as essential … and are more invested in assuring that teachers have ongoing opportunities to learn as an integral part of their practice. The opinions expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of ED.(More)
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