Joy John Mammen

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INTRODUCTION Segmentation in medical images is a crucial technique used in image analysis and is very helpful in the diagnosis of various diseases. The cells in peripheral blood smear images are quite complex in nature and therefore need advanced segmentation techniques in order to identify and analyze the individual objects in the image. A simple(More)
The process of Nuclei detection in high-grade breast cancer images is quite challenging in the case of image processing techniques due to certain heterogeneous characteristics of cancer nuclei such as enlarged and irregularly shaped nuclei, highly coarse chromatin marginalized to the nuclei periphery and visible nucleoli. Recent reviews state that existing(More)
Introduction. Elevated factor VIII population in the Indian population has not been studied as a possible risk factor for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). High factor VIII level is considered a predisposing factor for DVT and its recurrence. However it is known to vary between populations and its exact role in the etiopathogenesis of thrombophilia remains(More)
department of transfusiology medicine and immunohematology. letter to tHe editor Dear Editor, Recruitment of voluntary blood donors is an important task. Human blood is an essential element of the human life and there are no substitutes for it (1). Studies have proved that voluntary blood donation enhances safe blood transfusion (2) when compared to(More)