Joy Horstman

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Renal transplantation was performed in 25 patients for renal failure secondary to nephrotic syndrome and histologically proven segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). They received 33 allografts, 13 from cadaveric (CAD) and 20 from living related donors (LRD) including 6 HLA-identical siblings. All have been followed for at least 1 year with none lost to(More)
An avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter in the absence of known or appropriate antecedent trauma was the initial manifestation of unrecognized metastatic malignant disease in the subtrochanteric area of four patients. In three patients the fracture healed but a pathological subtrochanteric fracture then occurred, and in one patient prophylactic(More)
The homeodomain CUX1 protein exists as multiple isoforms that arise from proteolytic processing of a 200-kDa protein or an alternate splicing or from the use of an alternate promoter. The 200-kDa CUX1 protein is highly expressed in the developing kidney, where it functions to regulate cell proliferation. Transgenic mice ectopically expressing the 200-kDa(More)
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