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The activin type II receptor (ACVR2) contains two identical microsatellites in exons 3 and 10, but only the exon 10 microsatellite is frameshifted in mismatch repair (MMR)-defective colonic tumors. The reason for this selectivity is not known. We hypothesized that ACVR2 frameshifts were influenced by DNA sequences surrounding the microsatellite. We(More)
It is generally accepted that longer microsatellites mutate more frequently in defective DNA mismatch repair (MMR) than shorter microsatellites. Indeed, we have previously observed that the A10 microsatellite of transforming growth factor beta type II receptor (TGFBR2) frameshifts -1 bp at a faster rate than the A8 microsatellite of activin type II receptor(More)
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