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System co-development provides a mechanism for aligning business processes and technical systems. Whether a business wishes to exploit advances in technology to achieve new strategic objectives or to organise work in innovative ways, the process of Requirements Engineering could and should present opportunities for modelling and evaluating the potential(More)
Waste management policy makers always face the problem of how to predict the future amount and composition of medical solid waste, which, in turn, helps to determine the most appropriate treatment, recycling and disposal strategy. An accurate prediction can assist in both the planning and design of medical solid waste management systems. Insufficient budget(More)
Automated software testing is an important and time-saving activity used by software testing teams, working on rapid and large scale software projects. TestComplete is an example of a currently widely used testing tool. However, its test recorder tool shows some weaknesses when using GUI (Graphical User Interface) test recording, for dynamic web(More)
Co-development aims to ensure the alignment of business processes and support technical systems. During co-development stakeholders need an early understanding of the potential impact of different requirement choices on the enterprise. An early impact analysis understanding is more likely to actively engage stakeholders, highlight strategic options and(More)
Hospitals and health centers provide a variety of healthcare services and normally generate hazardous waste as well as general waste. General waste has a similar nature to that of municipal solid waste and therefore could be disposed of in municipal landfills. However, hazardous waste poses risks to public health, unless it is properly managed. The hospital(More)