Joy G. Dryfoos

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In the last three years, comprehensive school-based clinics have proliferated throughout the United States: There are currently 138 clinics in 30 states and the District of Columbia, and at least 65 more are in the planning stage. Clinic programs differ widely in their organizational structure, operating costs, range of services and funding sources.(More)
Comprehensive analysis of contraceptive use, pregnancy intentions and pregnancy outcomes among US women. Although most US women use modern methods of contraception successfully, a considerable number have unintended pregnancies even with the most effective methods. Low income women and teenagers continue to have greater difficulty than others in planning(More)
The purpose of this paper is to summarize data from available evaluations of community school initiatives. Part One provides a vision of community schools, discusses the nature and limitations of existing research, and offers a summary of findings from 49 community school initiatives. Three examples of evaluations are included in Part One in order to(More)
PURPOSE To document the development of an initiative undertaken by the Columbia University School of Public Health to provide medical, mental health, and social services in inner city junior high school-based clinics. METHODS Review of records, reports, and foundation proposals from 1984-1993. Site visits, interviews with clinic staff, school personnel,(More)