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Cities are expanding and more and more citizens are exposed to air pollutants both indoors and outdoors. This may have adverse effects on citizens' health. In this paper, we present AirSense, an opportunistic crowd-sensing based air quality monitoring system, aimed at collecting and aggregating sensor data to monitor air pollution in the vicinity(More)
Here, we present a prototype of a smart building using newly surfacing technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), fog and cloud for the smart city. The demand for everything smart is increasing daily, but the main stumbling block is its high price. So, our aim is to improve the standard of living in home and in office with newly improved working facilities(More)
The present work examines the effects of parameters of the input distribution on the average time complexity of the singleton sort algorithm.. Previous work on this field has shown that for certain algorithms such as sorting, the parameters of the input distribution singularly as well as interactively are important factors, besides the size of the input(More)
Natural origin bioceramics are widely used for bone grafts. In the present study, an eggshell-derived bioceramic scaffold is fabricated by 3D printing as a potential bone-graft analogue. The eggshell, a biological waste material, was mixed with a specific ratio of phosphoric acid and chitosan to form a precursor toward the fabrication of an osteoinductive(More)
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