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A 4-bit X-band phase shifter is developed using 0.15/spl mu/m mHEMT technology. The mHEMT technology has an (Ron . Coff) = 0.25 pS, minimizing the switch insertion loss. Three different bit topologies are used to achieve both first pass success and best possible performance. The phase shifter operates between 8-12 GHz with 5.5 dB mean insertion loss, +/-(More)
The APS has awarded Corporate Minority Scholarships to 26 students who are majoring or planning to major in physics. Since its inception in 1980, the program has helped more than 290 minority students pursue physics degrees. Fifteen new scholars and eleven renewal scholars were selected. Each new scholarship consists of $2,000, which may be renewed once,(More)
Relative abundances of the five stable isotopes of titanium (Ti to Ti) are measured for 11 M dwarfs belonging to the thin disk (four stars), thick disk (three stars), the halo (one star), and either the thick or the thin disk (three stars). Over the metallicity range of the sample (−1 <[Fe/H]< 0), the isotopic ratios are approximately constant to the solar(More)
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