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This study examined the relationship between the antecedent everyday experiences of middle-class children in middle-class day-care centers and their intellectual development assessed by the Binet and tests of Spatial Abilities and Receptive Language at age 3. As in the previous study of children in home care, certain types of experiences were hypothesized(More)
A negative tone pervades much of the literature on teacher discrimination in the classroom, and conjures up images of inequality, oppression, and racism. This paper differentiates between the negative forms of discrimination (responding prejudicially to children) and individuation (discerning differences among children and responding to individual needs).(More)
The authors traced the progress of a sample of 200 psychiatrists and 150 neurologists on the ABPN examination. Overall success rates were high-64% of psychiatrists and 75% of neurologists became Board-certified. Performance on the written exam was a significant predictor of outcome for both groups-88% of psychiatrists and 94% of neurologists who passed Part(More)
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