Joy Alinda P. Reyes

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This paper summarizes a project on the implementation of the ARM9TDM, a 32-bit RISC processor based on the ARM9TDMI. This core is the successor to the ARM7TDMI-S which is used for embedded applications requiring low power, small chip area, and high processing speed. The main features of the ARM9TDM are its use of a 5-stage pipelined datapath and a Harvard(More)
Recently reported logic style comparisons are base don gate level analysis. If not, the comparison is based on the systems' best-case analysis. This work compares logic families by implementing a 32-bit carry look-ahead adder in 90nmtechnology. It focuses on comparing full-rail logic styles such as static CMOS, DCVSL, and DVL because as the transistor(More)
Synchronous designs have grown dominant in terms of implementing digital systems because of their simpler design and well established design methodologies. However, using a global clock poses several disadvantages. Asynchronous implementations provide solutions to these problems. In this research, a fully asynchronous 32-bit DLX microprocessor is(More)
Improving the performance of on-chip caches has been continually regarded with much effort to provide solution to the increased performance gap between microprocessor and memory. Proposed new design techniques were mostly implemented in software simply because it is easier and faster than hardware implementation. However, with the microprocessor technology(More)
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