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BACKGROUND Dementia is an important health and social care problem and is one of the main causes of disability in later life. The number of families affected by dementia will dramatically increase over the next five decades. Despite the implications for health and social care services in the future, the overwhelming majority of care for people with dementia(More)
BACKGROUND It is widely stated that stroke is the most common cause of severe disability. We aimed to examine whether this claim is supported by any evidence. METHODS We conducted secondary analysis of the Office of National Statistics 1996 Survey of Disability, United Kingdom. This was a multistage stratified random sample of 8683 noninstitutionalized(More)
BACKGROUND Observational and some experimental data suggest that low intake of vitamin K may be associated with an increased risk of fracture. OBJECTIVE To assess whether oral vitamin K (phytonadione and menaquinone) supplementation can reduce bone loss and prevent fractures. DATA SOURCES The search included the following electronic databases: MEDLINE(More)
Postnatal depression (PND) has a significant impact on maternal mental health. Systematic reviews provide a useful tool to summarise research, however little is known about the quantity and quality of existing systematic reviews of prevalence and incidence of PND. The objective of this paper is to provide a systematic overview of existing systematic reviews(More)
While the pursuit of equity of access to health care is a central objective of many health care systems, there is evidence that patients of ethnic minority descent, in lower socio-economic position (SEP) or of female gender are less likely than Whites, more affluent groups or men, respectively, to access secondary and tertiary medical care. However, it is(More)
BACKGROUND In 1979, Zelen described a trial method of randomising participants before acquiring consent in order to enhance recruitment to clinical trials. The method has been criticised ethically due to lack of consent and scientifically due to high crossover rates. This paper reviews recent published trials using this method and describes the reasons(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the relationship between symptoms of depression and mortality in older people. DESIGN Prospective longitudinal study. SETTING Fifty-three general practices in the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS Thirteen thousand ninety-seven people aged 75 and older participating in the Medical Research Council Trial of the Assessment and(More)
Little has been written on informal care of an older relative among minority ethnic groups in the UK. This paper examines the meanings of being an informal carer of an older family member for South Asian and African/Caribbean carers. The analysis presented here is based on qualitative interviews with 21 African/Caribbean and 15 South Asian carers. Drawing(More)
BACKGROUND A large proportion of people living with hip or knee pain do not consult health care professionals. Pain severity is often believed to be the main reason for help seeking in this population; however the evidence for this is contradictory. This study explores the importance of several potential risk factors on help seeking across different(More)