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The role of inequalities in information theory is reviewed and the relationship of these inequalities to inequalities in other branches of mathematics is developed. Index Terms -Information inequalities, entropy power, Fisher information, uncertainty principles. I. PREFACE:~NEQUALITIES ININFORMATIONTHEORY I NEQUALITIES in information theory have been driven(More)
The theory of large deviations provides a simple unified basis for statistical mechanics, information theory and queueing theory. The objective of this paper is to use large deviation theory and the Laplace method of integration to provide an simple intuitive overview of the recently developed theory of effective bandwidth for high-speed digital networks,(More)
The converse for the discrete memoryless multiple access channel is generalized and is used to derive strong hounds on the total capacity (sum of the rates of all the senders) of an m-user Gaussian multiple access channel in terms of the input covariance matrix. These hounds are used to show that the total capacity of the channel with feedback is less than(More)
Information theory answers two fundamental questions in communication theory: What is the ultimate data compression (answer: the entropy H), and what is the ultimate transmission rate of communication (answer: the channel capacity C). For this reason some consider information theory to be a subset of communication theory. We argue that it is much more.(More)
BACKGROUND Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has been widely used in psychiatric research and has provided evidence of white matter abnormalities in first episode schizophrenia (FES). The goal of the present meta-analysis was to identify white matter deficits by DTI in FES. METHODS A systematic search was conducted to collect DTI studies with voxel-wised(More)