Jovani A. Jiménez B.

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This paper presents a description of the environments of individualized learning (Based on the Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ITS), the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) and the artificial intelligence techniques called: Instructional Planning (IP) and Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). Finally ALLEGRO is presented, a MAS(More)
— The current trend when evaluating a group activity is to observe just the final results. A subset of these group activities are the collaborative activities. In collaborative activities it is not only imp or t an t evalu at in g t he fin al r esu lt s b u t t he p r ocess developed by the group to complete their objectives. In order to do this a constant(More)
Sistemas Multi-Agente Robóticos MAD-Smart y se desarrollan algunos ejemplos para visualizar algunas de sus características. La metodología buscar dar cobertura en la fase de conceptuación, análisis y diseño mediante la definición de un conjunto de actividades que ayudan al desarrollador a entender mejor el problema a resolver, las características finales(More)
Organizations are measured in different ways. In specific terms, organizations that are managed through business processes use KPI's as measuring elements. However, it is uncommon for companies to use data yielded by information systems to improve or monitor the indicators suggested by the organization's reality. This paper presents a proposal to guide the(More)