Jovana Vidakovic

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EXtensible Java-based Agent Framework (XJAF) is a pluggable architecture of the hierarchical intelligent agents system with communication based on KQML. Workers, Inc. is a workflow management system implemented using mobile agents. It is especially suited for highly distributed and heterogeneous environments. The application of the above-mentioned systems(More)
This paper presents distributed real-time robot control system implemented on the client and server modules. The client module is used to control the real robot and send commands to the server module. An application on the server side receives the commands that contain positions of robot joints read from encoders, displays current robot coordinates and 3D(More)
L-IRL (Lola Industrial Robot Language) is procedural language for industrial robot programming. Offline and real-time programming system are main parts of robot programming system based on L-IRL programming language. System for robot programming is using object code as one of the main communication tools between different elements of the system. In this(More)
In this paper principles of modeling of a human centrifuge for pilot training, as a 3 DoF manipulator, are presented. The basis is a kinematic and dynamic model of the manipulator. The centrifuge represents a manipulator with three revolute joints. According to the D-H convention transformation matrices for the manipulator were derived. The problem of(More)
Constraints are very important part of every database management system (DBMS). There are different taxonomies of constraints in every data model. In this paper we propose a constraint taxonomy for XML data model. One of the constraints that exists in the database design practice is the inverse referential integrity constraint (IRIC). In relational database(More)
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