Jovana Nazor

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One of the main obstacles in employing P450 monooxygenases for preparative chemical syntheses in cell-free systems is their requirement for cofactors such as NAD(P)H. In order to engineer P450 BM3 from Bacillus megaterium for cost-effective process conditions in vitro, a validated medium throughput screening system based on cheap Zn dust as an electron(More)
Glucose oxidase (GOx) is used in many industrial processes that could benefit from improved versions of the enzyme. Some improvements like higher activity under physiological conditions and thermal stability could be useful for GOx applications in biosensors and biofuel cells. Directed evolution is one of the currently available methods to engineer improved(More)
A directed evolution protocol was developed for glucose oxidase (GOx) from Aspergillus niger that mimics applications conditions and employs a well-known mediator, oxidized ferrocenemethanol, in a medium throughput screen (96-well plate format). Upon reduction, oxidized ferrocenemethanol shows a color change from blue to pale yellow that can be recorded at(More)
Preparative synthesis with P450 monooxygenases is hampered in cell-free systems by the requirement for cofactors such as NAD(P)H as reduction equivalents. A validated medium-throughput screening system was designed for improving P450 monooxygenases by mediated electron transfer with zinc/cobalt(III)sepulchrate (Zn/Co(III)sep) as an alternative and(More)
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