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The effects on fusimotor discharge rate of algesic agents (bradykinin, potassium chloride, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine) and lactic acid, applied by close arterial injection into triceps surae muscles, were investigated in decerebrate cats. Fusimotor discharge was recorded from filaments dissected free from otherwise intact nerves to the triceps muscles.(More)
Firing pattern of skeletomotor neurones innervating triceps surae muscles in response to pseudorandom muscle stretching and white noise modulated transmembrane current stimulation was investigated in decerebrate cats. Pseudo-random muscle stretching (upper cut-off frequency 60 Hz, amplitude σ (standard deviation) ranging from 18.5 μm to 40 μm) was applied(More)
The influence of fusimotor activity via the gamma-loop on reflex responses of motoneurons to stretch or vibration stimulation of mm. triceps surae was studied in decerebrate cats. Action potentials of single fusimotor neurons were derived from thin filaments isolated from nerves innervating this muscle group, leaving their main nerve supply intact. Most(More)