Jovan Pehcevski

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This paper describes the participation of the INRIA group in the INEX 2007 XML entity ranking and ad hoc tracks. We developed a system for ranking Wikipedia entities in answer to a query. Our approach utilises the known categories, the link structure of Wikipedia, as well as the link co-occurrences with the examples (when provided) to improve the(More)
This paper describes the official measures of retrieval effectiveness that are employed for the Ad Hoc Track at INEX 2007. Whereas in earlier years all, but only, XML elements could be retrieved, the result format has been liberalized to arbitrary passages. In response, the INEX 2007 measures are based on the amount of highlighted text retrieved, leading to(More)
Entity ranking has recently emerged as a research field that aims at retrieving entities as answers to a query. Unlike entity extraction where the goal is to tag the names of the entities in documents, entity ranking is primarily focused on returning a ranked list of relevant entity names for the query. Many approaches to entity ranking have been proposed,(More)
The main aspects of XML retrieval are identified by analysing and comparing the following two behaviours: the behaviour of the assessor when judging the relevance of returned document components; and the behaviour of users when interacting with components of XML documents. We argue that the two INEX relevance dimensions, Exhaustivity and Specificity, are(More)
Focused retrieval, identified by question answering, passage retrieval, and XML element retrieval, is becoming increasingly important within the broad task of information retrieval. In this paper, we present a taxonomy of text retrieval tasks based on the structure of the answers required by a task. Of particular importance are the in context tasks of(More)
A realistic measure of relevance is necessary for meaningful comparison of alternative XML retrieval approaches. Previous studies have shown that the current INEX relevance definition, comprising two dimensions based on topical relevance, is too hard for users to understand. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a new relevance definition that uses(More)
The widespread adoption of XML necessitates structureaware systems that can effectively retrieve information from XML document collections. This paper reports on the participation of the RMIT group in the INEX 2004 ad hoc track, where we investigate different aspects of the XML retrieval task. Our preliminary analysis of CO and VCAS relevance assessments(More)