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An Evaluation of the Overall T-38 Wind Tunnel Data Quality in Testing of a Calibration Model
Tests of standard models serve to confirm the overall accuracy and repeatability of measurements in a wind tunnel facility and to confirm confidence in results obtained. Expand
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Hypervelocity ballistic reference models as experimental supersonic test cases
Abstract Hypervelocity ballistic reference wind tunnel models are of interest to researchers in the field of high-speed aerodynamics, both as the means to validate the measurement chains in windExpand
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Experimental and numerical investigation into the flow around an ogive cylinder with fins (missile calibration model) was conducted for Mach 0.6 flow. The computational results were compared to theExpand
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Apparatus for measurement of pitch and yaw damping derivatives in high Reynolds number blowdown wind tunnel
Abstract The pitch/yaw apparatus designed for the measurement of the moment derivative due to an aircraft or missile model angular oscillatory motion in a wind tunnel test section is presented. AExpand
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Measurement of pitch- and roll-damping derivatives using the semiconductor five-component strain gauge balance
The occurrence of small amplitudes of output signals from force and moment sensors used in the measurements of stability derivatives is a known problem. This article presents a solution to thisExpand
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Cascade nonlinear feedforward-feedback control of stagnation pressure in a supersonic blowdown wind tunnel
Abstract Current trends in the development of control systems involve disproportionately high costs for embedded software integration and testing techniques that rely almost exclusively on exhaustiveExpand
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Supersonic test cases at high angles of attack
Abstract An increased number of requirements for supersonic wind tunnel tests at high angles of attack (AoA) opened the problem of the validation of a high-AoA wind tunnel setup in the ExperimentalExpand
Stagnation Pressure Transient Control in a Supersonic Blowdown Wind Tunnel Test Facility
Abstract Research in the area of wind tunnel flow parameters control has been intensified in recent years, in an attempt to improve quality and efficiency of the wind tunnel operation. In this paper,Expand
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Observations on some transonic wind tunnel test results of a standard model with a T-tail
As a part of a periodic health monitoring of the wind tunnel structure, instrumentation and flow quality, a series of tests of an AGARD-C calibration model was performed in the 1.5 m T-38 trisonicExpand
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Inter-facility correlations of transonic test results of the agard-c standard wind-tunnel model
Abstract Aerodynamic characteristics of an AGARD-C model in the transonic Mach number range in the 1.5 m T-38 trisonic wind tunnel of the Military Technical Institute (VTI) in Belgrade were comparedExpand