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OBJECTIVES The aetiology of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is presently considered to be multifactorial, and stress has been regarded as an important factor in their onset. Many studies have evaluated the importance of stress in TMD; however, only patients with TMD and stress have been assessed. This study aimed at evaluating signs and symptoms of TMD in(More)
T406 Evaluation of performance of lactating dairy cows supplemented with branched chain volatile fatty acids (Nutricattle). E. Tropical pasture is the main source of cattle feed, but in the dry season it is deficient in protein, which is essential for microbial growth. The search for technology to increase animal performance may be a feasible alternative to(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate ruminal fiber stratification and to develop a mathematical approach for predicting the mean retention time (MRT) of forage and concentrates in goats. A dataset from 3 studies was used that contained information regarding fiber and lignin intake as well as ruminal content and the kinetics of fiber passage for(More)
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