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Impact of Population Growth on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1980-2010)
The impact of population growth on economic growth has always been a subject of disagreement among economists. The rate of population growth in Nigeria is high and thus the need to evaluate itsExpand
Nature, Operations and Socio-Economic Features of Street Food Entrepreneurs of Harare, Zimbabwe
The study sought to investigate the nature,operations and the socio-economic features of street food vendorsin Harare in Zimbabwe. Data collection techniques included in-depth personal interviews,Expand
Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement
Collaboration is a way of interaction and personal attitude where individuals are responsible for their actions, learning , their abilities and contributions of their peers as well. This paperExpand
Kinesics, Haptics and Proxemics: Aspects of Non -Verbal Communication
The Non-verbal communication is conveying of emotions, feelings, and messages through actions and expressions rather than words. In our daily life the Nonverbal communication and the verbalExpand
Clinical Study of Rupture Uterus - Assessment of Maternal and Fetal Outcome
A uterine rupture is an obstetric catastrophe accounting for as many as 9.3% of maternal deaths 1 . A uterine rupture typically occurs during labor, but can also occur during antenatal period. ThereExpand
Sociodemographic and clinical profile of multi drug resistant tuberculosis patients: a study at drug resistant tuberculosis centers of Kolkata
Background:Emergence of drug resistant tuberculosis, particularly multi drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug resistant TB (XDR-TB) has become an obstacle to effective TB control in India.Expand
Physicochemical Analysis of Seafood Processing Effluents in Aroor Gramapanchayath, Kerala
Processing effluents from seafood processing industries are the major cause of water pollution in and around Aroor gramapanchayath, Alappuzha District. It creates adverse impacts on poorly flushedExpand
Background: Tooth loss is one of the main indicators of the overall oral health in a given population. The purpose of this study was to investigate the reasons of permanent teeth extraction and itsExpand
Family Instability and Juvenile Delinquency in Nigeria: A Study of Owerri Municipality
The increasing rate of juvenile delinquency has become a major social problem globally and locally. Researchers and concerned individuals have traced the preponderance of juvenile delinquency to theExpand
Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya
The role of effective corporate governance mechanisms as key components of prudent financial management has become an issue of global significance and has received new urgency due to variousExpand