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The purpose of the study reported here was to describe Finnish nurses' research and publication activities, as well as their views on the availability and utilization of research results in nursing practice. The data were collected using a structured questionnaire in which obstacles to the utilization of research results were measured with a previously(More)
This study was concerned with Finnish nurses' attitudes to nursing research and with the associations of different background factors with these attitudes. The data were collected with a purpose-designed, structured questionnaire. The study was carried out in one central hospital, one central university hospital and 10 community health centres in Finland. A(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this literature review was to describe the focus of nursing education research in Finnish doctoral dissertations in the field of nursing and caring sciences between the years 1979-2014. In addition, the characteristics (methods, study informants and reporting of validity, reliability, and research ethics) of the dissertations were(More)
BACKGROUND Students' well-being is very important both for students and institutions. However, this field lacks longitudinal research, which focuses on the change of nursing students' well-being during their study. In order to asses such changes the four study types according to Job-Demand-Control-Support-model were used: passive, high-strain, low-strain,(More)
BACKGROUND Although previously the Job-Demand-Control-Support model has been successfully applied in many studies in the field of health care and education, the model was never used for the evaluation of the nursing students' well-being. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to promote nursing students' well-being. The objective was to verify whether the(More)
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