Jouni Similä

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The case study history of the cooperation between a software house and its client over a time span of 6 years is analyzed through the metaphor of the gatekeeper role. The analysis shows that, contrary to earlier research employing the gatekeeper metaphor, the gatekeeper role in software development work is not stable but changes considerably over time both(More)
Global software engineering increases coordination, communication, and control challenges in software development. The testing phase in this context is not a widely researched subject. In this paper, we study the outsourcing of software testing in the Oulu area, research the ways in which it is used, and determine the observable benefits and obstacles. The(More)
It is possible to proceed with software product line adoption only once without major reinvestments and loss of time and money. In the literature, reported experiences of using the adoption models are not to be found, and especially the suitability of the models has not been reported. The purpose of this research is to compare known adoption models by(More)
This paper presents foundations for building mobile environmental information systems (MEIS) that require a multidisciplinary approach. MEIS require expertise from environmental biology, geography and mobile technology. MEIS are very promising in bringing added value in the acquisition of environmental information with a multitude of mobile devices.(More)