Jouni Peltoniemi

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The spectral and directional reflection properties of pine forest understory in Suonenjoki, Finland were measured using a newly developed transportable field goniospectrometer under direct sunlight or plant lamp. The samples represent the most typical types in Finnish forests. Large differences between species were found. Wax-leaved shrubs such as(More)
Comprehensive field-testing and calibration of digital photogrammetric systems are essential to characterize their performance, to improve them, and to be able to use them for optimal results. The radiometric, spectral, spatial, and geometric properties of digital systems require calibration and testing. The Finnish Geodetic Institute has maintained a(More)
The design, operation, and properties of the Finnish Geodetic Institute Field Goniospectrometer (FIGIFIGO) are presented. FIGIFIGO is a portable instrument for the measurement of surface Bidirectional Reflectance Factor (BRF) for samples with diameters of 10 - 50 cm. A set of polarising optics enable the measurement of linearly polarised BRF over the full(More)
Passive and active digital imaging is rapidly replacing film imaging in photogrammetric data capture. The reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of airborne photogrammetry are based on calibrated, high-quality sensors and rigorous processing. The calibration processes of the digital photogrammetric airborne imaging systems are under development. Central(More)
Forest background, consisting of understory, moss, litter, and soil, contributes significantly to optical remote sensing signals from forests in the boreal region. In this paper, we present results of background reflectance retrieval from multiangle highresolution Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager sensor data over a boreal forest area near Sudbury, ON,(More)
Test field calibration is an attractive approach to calibrating and characterizing the radiometry of airborne imaging instruments. In this study, a method for radiometric test field calibration for digital photogrammetric instruments is developed, and it is used to evaluate the radiometric performance of large-format photogrammetric sensors the ADS40, the(More)
The scattering phase function and the degree of linear polarization for small crystals oriented randomly in space have been computed using the geometric ray tracing theory and assuming that the crystals are homogeneous and isotropic. Calculations have been carried out for the main crystal geometries. Detection of halos from crystals other than hexagonal(More)
The single particle phase function and the linear polarization for large stochastically deformed spheres have been calculated by Monte Carlo simulation using the geometrical optics approximation. The radius vector of a particle is assumed to obey a bivariate lognormal distribution with three free parameters: mean radius, its standard deviation and the(More)