Jouni Partanen

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Cold deacclimation and preparation to flushing likely requires rehydration of meristems. Therefore, water stress related genes, such as dehydrins (DHN), might play an important role in providing protection during winter dormancy, deacclimation and bud burst timing processes. Here we report the sequence analysis of several Norway spruce DHN identified in(More)
The digitalization of after-sales, particularly spare parts sales, is both a strategic opportunity [1] and a threat [2] for many original equipment manufacturers, as the focus of the competition increasingly shifts away from the price and quality of the offerings toward the delivery of value to customers [3]. Customer value is related to keeping the(More)
In engineering systems, features such as textures or patterns on curved surfaces are common. In addition, such features, in many cases, are required to have shapes that are conformal to the underlying surfaces. To address the fabrication challenge in building such conformal features on curved surfaces, a newly developed additive manufacturing (AM) process(More)
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