Jouni Markkula

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Earlier empirical studies have demonstrated the interest that agile methods have generated in the software industry. Currently, lean approaches are increasingly adopted for complementing agile methods in software processes. With the goal of providing up-to-day results that can be used by organizations implementing or planning to implement agile and/or lean(More)
Using of Kanban in software development is an emerging topic. This systematic literature review was conducted in order to analyze the current trend of Kanban usage in software development and to identify the obtained benefits and involved challenges. The search strategy resulted in 492 papers, of which 19 were identified as primary studies relevant to our(More)
Advances in Internet and network technology and the rapidly growing number of mobile personal devices result in the fast growth of Mobile E-Commerce, M-Commerce. In this paper we view M-Commerce as activity of conducting E-commerce transactions using mobile terminals over a wireless network. A special case of M-commerce are Location Based Services (LBS)(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that enable end-user adoption of e-government services in Pakistan, where these facilities are at a rudimentary stage. Design/methodology/approach – Following previous research on e-government services adoption, this study employs the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)(More)
In the global software development environment, the companies face the challenges of collaboration. This is particularly challenging for software companies in rural areas, which are typically small companies with limited resources. Often their customers and partners are also geographically dispersed. These factors, in addition to geographical distances,(More)
Business value analysis (BVA) quantifies the factors that provide value and cost to an organization. It aims at capturing value, controlling risks, and capitalizing on opportunities. GQM<sup>+</sup>Strategies is an approach designed to aid in the definition and alignment of business goals, strategies, and an integrated measurement program at all levels in(More)
The focus of the paper is to reveal the relationships between softwaremaintainability and other internal software quality attributes. The source code characteristics of five Java-based open-source software products are analyzed using the software measurement tool SoftCalc. The relationships between maintainability and internal quality attributes are(More)
Mobile application development is a challenging task for the software companies due to complicated technological and business environments. Patterns have been recognised to be a valuable tool in software development, for they allow design experiences and solutions to be documented systematically and facilitate the communication of design issues. Patterns(More)