Jouni Luoma

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Association of health locus of control beliefs (HLC) and psychological distress (GHQ-12) with short-term outcome of low-back pain (LBP) rehabilitation was studied in patients with chronic or recurrent LBP (n = 459; aged 35-54 years; 63% men). These patients were randomly assigned to 3 study groups, namely the inpatient, the outpatient and the control group.(More)
In this study, we propose and evaluate new methods for automatic extraction of the brain surface and the mid-sagittal plane from functional positron emission tomography (PET) images. Designing methods for these segmentation tasks is challenging because the spatial distribution of intensity values in a PET image depends on the applied radiopharmaceutical and(More)
In an experiment to simulate the perception task of a driver, subjects were shown uninterrupted series of colour slides of different kinds of highway scenes. The dependent variables were eye fixations, fixation times and conscious perceptions for the part of the traffic signs and roadside advertisements. Perceptions were achieved mostly as a result of(More)
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