Jouni Ikonen

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In this case study we present an approach for using gamification elements to increase online student collaboration. In the study a gamified online discussion system was added to an introduction to programming course, with the aim of motivating the students to help each other. The actions in the discussion systems were analyzed and compared with user(More)
Benefits of collaborative learning are established and gamification methods have been used to motivate students towards achieving course goals in educational settings. However, different users prefer different game elements and rewarding approaches. We present an evidence-based method and a case study where interaction analysis and k-means clustering is(More)
The primary objectives in this study were to measure time to first fix values and analyze the accuracy of the first fix coordinates of consumer-grade GPS receivers. Three different test surroundings were selected: the open sky, semi-urban and urban environments, which were tested with three GPS receivers. In addition, assisted GPS performance and the effect(More)
The most critical part of a construction project is normally the construction elements that form the structure of the building. Concrete construction elements are often used as support structures and on the facade of the building, but they are vulnerable to manufacturing defects as well as being damaged on-site. Such defects can create a lot of additional(More)
Guidance and tracking of people is an important research topic. This paper presents the creation of a route descriptions based on inaccurate GPS data. The recorded location points are filtered and classified as check-, warning- and branch-points. The classification is used by a guidance algorithm, which informs the user and supervisor as needed. Finally the(More)
In this paper the conservative Chandy-Misra parallel simulation algorithm is discussed. The basic algorithm is improved by using null message cancellation, simulation loop optimization and multicasting techniques. The algorithms are used for the simulation of a GSM mobile network application in a distributed workstation environment, Diworse. In the(More)
Collaboration has become an important teaching method in software engineering and there are several computer supported collaboration tools to aid the development and learning process. However, most studies have concentrated on intra-group studies. We believe that computer supported collaborative learning tools can also aid software engineering students to(More)
A ray tracing based cellular coverage simulator has been parallelized in order to speed up excecution. The simulator has been developed for accurate prediction of radio wave propagation in urban microcells. It combines a vertical plane model simulating the wave propagation over the buildings and a horizontal plane model simulating the wave propagation in(More)
In this paper the peforrnance of the Chandy-Misra algorithm in distributed simulation has been studied in the context of a particular simulation application: a cellular network. The logical process structure under the algorithm is modified in such a way that the excessive synchronisation caused by the algorithm can be avoided. The synchronisation is(More)