Jouni Ahopelto

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In magnetocardiography (MCG) the magnetic field, produced by the electrical activity of the heart, is measured. This paper presents the preliminary results of the human fetal magneto-cardiography (FMCG). The MCG of an adult heart was first recorded by BAULE and McFEE [1]. Recently, several research groups have utilized the superconducting quantum(More)
We present an approach where biomolecular self-assembly is used in combination with lithography to produce patterns of metallic nanoparticles on a silicon substrate. This is achieved through a two-step method, resulting in attachment of nanoparticles on desired sites on the sample surfaces, which allowed a detailed characterization. First, a genetically(More)
We report the changes in dispersion relations of hypersonic acoustic phonons in free-standing silicon membranes as thin as ∼8 nm. We observe a reduction of the phase and group velocities of the fundamental flexural mode by more than 1 order of magnitude compared to bulk values. The modification of the dispersion relation in nanostructures has important(More)
We study the relaxation of coherent acoustic phonon modes with frequencies up to 500 GHz in ultrathin free-standing silicon membranes. Using an ultrafast pump-probe technique of asynchronous optical sampling, we observe that the decay time of the first-order dilatational mode decreases significantly from ~4.7 ns to 5 ps with decreasing membrane thickness(More)
The geometry of photonic crystal waveguides with ring-shaped holes is optimized to minimize dispersion in the slow light regime. We found geometries with a nearly constant group index in excess of 20 over a wavelength range of 8 nm. The origin of the low dispersion is related to the widening of the propagating mode close to the lower band gap edge.
We report on stress induced changes in the dispersion relations of acoustic phonons propagating in 27 nm thick single crystalline Si membranes. The static tensile stress (up to 0.3GPa) acting on the Si membranes was achieved using an additional strain compensating silicon nitride frame. Dispersion relations of thermally activated hypersonic phonons were(More)
We report on the effect of elastic intervalley scattering on the energy transport between electrons and phonons in many-valley semiconductors. We derive a general expression for the electron-phonon energy flow rate at the limit where elastic intervalley scattering dominates over diffusion. Electron heating experiments on doped n-type Si samples with(More)
Understanding and controlling vibrations in condensed matter is emerging as an essential necessity both at fundamental level and for the development of a broad variety of technological applications. Intelligent design of the band structure and transport properties of phonons at the nanoscale and of their interactions with electrons and photons impact the(More)