Jouni Ahopelto

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We study the relaxation of coherent acoustic phonon modes with frequencies up to 500 GHz in ultrathin free-standing silicon membranes. Using an ultrafast pump-probe technique of asynchronous optical sampling, we observe that the decay time of the first-order dilatational mode decreases significantly from ~4.7 ns to 5 ps with decreasing membrane thickness(More)
Understanding and controlling vibrations in condensed matter is emerging as an essential necessity both at fundamental level and for the development of a broad variety of technological applications. Intelligent design of the band structure and transport properties of phonons at the nanoscale and of their interactions with electrons and photons impact the(More)
Dielectric spheres synthesised for the fabrication of self-organized photonic crystals such as opals offer large opportunities for the design of novel nanophotonic devices. In this paper, we show a hexagonal superlattice monolayer of dielectric spheres inscribed on a 3D colloidal photonic crystal by e-beam lithography. The crystal is produced by a variation(More)
The interaction between the design and the technology research communities working in nanoelectronics, and especially in the Beyond CMOS area, is characterised by a diversity of terminologies, modi operandi and the absence of a consensus on main priorities. We present the findings of the EU project NANO-TEC to date, in the quest to bring together these(More)
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