Jouko Yliruusi

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Powder flow is influenced by environmental factors, such as moisture and static electricity, as well as powder related factors, such as morphology, size, size distribution, density, and surface area. Pharmaceutical solids may be exposed to water during storage in an atmosphere containing water vapor, or in a dosage form consisting of materials (e.g.,(More)
A system for fluidized bed granulator automation with in-line multichannel near infrared (NIR) moisture measurement and a unique air flow rate measurement design was assembled, and the information gained was investigated. The multivariate process data collected was analyzed using principal component analysis (PCA). The test materials (theophylline and(More)
This study assesses the fluidized bed granulation process for the optimization of a model formulation using in-line near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for moisture determination. The granulation process was analyzed using an automated granulator and optimization of the verapamil hydrochloride formulation was performed using a mixture design. The NIR setup(More)
Magnesium stearate (MS) is the most commonly used lubricant in pharmaceutical industry. During blending, MS particles form a thin layer on the surfaces of the excipient and drug particles prohibiting the bonding from forming between the particles. This hydrophobic layer decreases the tensile strength of tablets and prevents water from penetrating into the(More)
A biologically inspired spiking neural network model, the pulse coupled neural network (PCNN), has been applied for the first time in bulk particle characterization, and specifically in the characterization of pharmaceutical granule size distributions. The PCNN was trained on surface images of pharmaceutical granule beds, and the adjustable parameters(More)
In this paper, linkages between tablet surface roughness, tablet compression forces, material properties, and the tensile strength of tablets were studied. Pure sodium halides (NaF, NaBr, NaCl, and NaI) were chosen as model substances because of their simple and similar structure. Based on the data available in the literature and our own measurements,(More)
Tablet compression of softwood cellulose and lignin prepared by a new catalytic oxidation and acid precipitation method were investigated and compared with the established pharmaceutical direct compression excipients. Catalytic pretreated softwood cellulose (CPSC) and lignin (CPSL) were isolated from pine wood (Pinus sylvestris). The compaction studies were(More)
von Bonsdorff-Nikander, A.K., 2005. Studies on a cholesterol-lowering microcrystalline phytosterol suspension in oil Some cholesterol-lowering drugs have lately caused severe side-effects in humans and the potential use of phytosterols as an optional method of lowering serum cholesterol has been given considerable attention. Although the positive effect of(More)
The physical characterisation of pharmaceutical solids is fundamental in the drug development process. At present, the utilisation of descriptive image information in pharmaceutical technology is very limited. Subsequently, the development of this discipline creates a challenge within the characterisation of pharmaceutical solids. Research contributions(More)