Jouke van der Zee

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BACKGROUND Female medical students often prefer primary care specialties, while male students appear to be attracted to hospital specialties. Notwithstanding the steady feminisation of medicine, in many countries there are still difficulties in recruiting trainees for general practice. This seeming paradox raises the question on what specific role gender(More)
This paper addresses the role of policy and evidence in health promotion. The concept of von Wright’s “logic of events” is introduced and applied to health policy impact analysis. According to von Wright (1976), human action can be explained by a restricted number of determinants: wants, abilities, duties, and opportunities. The dynamics of action result(More)
Objectives: This article will use a new theoretical framework for the analysis of health policy impact introduced by Rütten et al. (2003). In particular, it will report on a comparative European study of policymakers’ perception and evaluation of specific determinants of the policy impact, both in terms of output (implemented measures) and outcome (health(More)
Objectives:The conditions under which research utilization leads to policy impact are an important issue in health promotion. This analysis tests the assumption that utilization is positively associated with policy impact only if both political will (i.e., policy opportunities) and social strategies (in intervention and implementation) are present.(More)
In the literature, immigrant victims appear to be more vulnerable to health effects of a disaster than indigenous victims. Most of these studies were performed without pre-disaster measurement and without using a control group. The objective of the study is to monitor differences between two groups of victims, Turkish immigrants and indigenous Dutch, in(More)
Title: Changes in the pattern of service utilisation and health problems of women, men and various age groups following a destructive disaster: a matched cohort study with a pre-disaster assessment
The focus of physical activity promotion is moving from measures to increase health-enhancing physical activity on the individual level to higher-level strategies including policy and environmental approaches. Scientific evidence, traditionally related to individual-based strategies, calls for adaptation and refinement when environmental and policy changes(More)
The aim of the study is to compare the hospital admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs) in Italy and Germany and to discuss possible relationships to the different models of primary-care supply. Information on hospital discharges from 2001 to 2008 in Italy and from 2000 to 2008 in Germany was used. A descriptive analysis of(More)
Recently, two 2-dimenslonal (2D) gel techniques,<lb>termed neutral/neutral and neutral/alkaline, have been<lb>developed and employed to map replication origins in<lb>eukaryotic plasmids and chromosomal DNA (1-11).<lb>The neutral/neutral technique, which requires less DNA<lb>for analysis, has been preferentially used in recent<lb>studies. We show here that(More)
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