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Augmented Reality (AR) merges the real and virtual worlds into one combined user experience. Users have access to digital data surrounding them, which can be used for various purposes. Real world always has a limited space for representing information, but the digital world can hold any amount of information at any location. This can be used to pass digital(More)
A major issue for the successful operation and long term availability of ITER reactor is the ITER reactor maintenance, which has to be done by remote controlled devices. Therefore, detailed design of the associated RH equipment and verification of its operation before ITER construction by way of prototypes and mock-ups, is considered an essential activity.(More)
— This work is part of the EFDA's European Goal Oriented Training programme on Remote Handling (RH) " GOT-RH ". The programme aims to train engineers for activities supporting the ITER project and the long-term fusion programme. This paper is written based on the results of a project " Verification and Validation (V&V) of ITER RH system using Digital(More)
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