Jou Glasheen

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Embryos (cysts) of the brine shrimp Anemia enter a profound, yet reversible, state of metabolic arrest in response to cellular dehydration. We have monitored metabolic activity during this transition in embryos from the Great Salt Lake population by using microcalorimetric measurements of heat dissipation. Embryo hydration states can be precisely controlled(More)
The search for drugs that can kill replicating and nonreplicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis faces practical bottlenecks. Measurement of CFU and discrimination of bacteriostatic from bactericidal activity are costly in compounds, supplies, labor, and time. Testing compounds against M. tuberculosis under conditions that prevent the replication of M.(More)
There is an urgent need to discover and progress anti-infectives that shorten the duration of tuberculosis (TB) treatment. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiological agent of TB, is refractory to rapid and lasting chemotherapy due to the presence of bacilli exhibiting phenotypic drug resistance. The charcoal agar resazurin assay (CARA) was developed as a(More)
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