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A 48 year old female with complex cyanotic heart disease and pulmonary hypertension was partly cyanosed because of a persistent left superior vena cava draining into an unroofed coronary sinus. The left superior vena cava, which measured 22 mm in diameter, was successfully occluded with a Günther Tulip Vena Cava Mreye Filter which acted as a barrier for(More)
INTRODUCTION Thrombocytosis is a common condition in infancy and childhood. There are very few paediatric literature on its incidence and clinical significance. METHOD We conducted a prospective study over 18 months (January 1993 to June 1994) on all patients admitted with a platelet count done. Cases with platelet count > 600 x 10(9)/L were reviewed and(More)
This is a prospective study to establish the normal ranges of the proximal left (LCA) and right (RCA) coronary artery diameters in normal children. Echocardiographic measurements of the internal diameters of the LCA, RCA, and the aortic annulus (AoA) were performed on 390 Asians with normal hearts, between the ages of 2 months to 8 years. The maximal(More)
The aim of this study is to establish the norms for pulmonary arterial diameters in the premature infants. One hundred and thirty cross-sectional echocardiograms were performed on 62 premature neonates (23.4 weeks to 36 weeks gestation) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Except for small atrial septal defects/patent foremen ovale (< or =3 mm) or patent(More)
The etiologic agents causing acute lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) in hospitalized children were compared for 1995 and 1988. Between May 1994 to April 1995, 397 children were admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for acute LRTI compared to 240 children in 1988. The following criteria for LRTI were used: (i) age less than 12 years with a(More)
Steinernema longicaudum Shen & Wang is redescribed based on a comparative morphological study of specimens from the type isolate from China, and two other isolates recovered from Korea and the USA. For the first and second generation female, the location of the vulva, shape of the vulval lips, and shape and length of the tail were newly observed diagnostic(More)
Numbers of Steinernema sp. (CB2B) and S. carpocapsae (Agriotos) exponentially declined after application into a clay loam soil. Over a 35-day sampling period, Steinernema sp. (CB2B) was more persistent than S. carpocapsae (Agriotos). The presence or absence of the second-stage cuticle on the third-stage juveniles (J3) at the time of application did not(More)
One-hundred and twelve cases of accidental poisoning were admitted over a 2-year study period (December 1990 to December 1992). Data was collected upon admission and patients were subsequently followed-up. Fifty-four percent of admission were boys. Majority of them were toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 years. Thirty percent of accidental ingestions(More)
The influence of the particle size distribution (PSD) on the band broadening and the efficiency of packed columns is investigated on both theoretical and practical viewpoints. Each of the classical contributions to mass transfer kinetics, those due to longitudinal diffusion, eddy dispersion, and solid-liquid mass transfer resistance are measured and(More)
OBJECTIVE To report our experience with transcatheter PDA closure using detachable spring coils. METHODS Suitable patients who presented between March 1996 to July 1997 were selected for coil occlusion of PDA after the diagnosis is confirmed on colour doppler echocardiography. Twenty-seven patients underwent an attempt at transcatheter closure of PDA with(More)